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I'm trying to integrate Hudson CI with Jira. I'm using Hudson 2.1.0 and Jira 4.3.614. I've set up Hudson according to page http://wiki.hudson-ci.org/display/HUDSON/JIRA+Plugin. Jira has Accept remote API calls option set to ON. Hudson has proper URL configured, Supports Wiki Notation and Record Scm changes options are checked on, issue pattern is set to AB-([0-9])+, user name and passwords are also set to valid Jira user. In my hudson's job configuration I've got option Update relevant JIRA issues marked. Problem is that whenever there is svn check-in and build is triggered in hudson's change log I can see only text like: "2233. AB-353 Data issue in Orders Pending in Dev Database", but AB-353 is normal text, not link to Jira. Anybody has any idea why I don't have proper links for Jira issues? Am I missing some Jira or Hudson configuration setting? Maybe some protocol or plugin missing?


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Problem was with my regular expression. I had it as:


while Jira's plugin expected something like this:


with brackets around the whole expression.

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