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I have an variable which holds a date in UK format, ie 250711 which means the 25th July 2011

When I insert that into MYSQL it becomes 2025-07-11

How can I convert it before writing into MySQL such that is displayed correctly in MySQL as 2011-07-25?

Thanks alot,


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I don't think "250711" is a date in any standard format ;) – Jacob Jul 28 '11 at 11:42
but that's what I have to start with, it's come from the output of a solar panel invertor so I cannot change the source.... – kitenski Jul 28 '11 at 11:43
@VolkerK got your solution, but If you need to process the date in PHP somewhere else in the code, you can use this strptime("250711", "%d%m%y") – Jacob Jul 28 '11 at 11:48
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If you want to use the string for an insert/update/select statement anyway you can let MySQL do the work

INSERT INTO ... STR_TO_DATE('250711','%d%m%y')


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Hey i hope it ain't toooo late to answer this; however it should help people who will view this question in the future

Just use this function:

function mysqlDate($input) {
  $output = false;
  $d = preg_split('#[-/:. ]#', $input);
  if (is_array($d) && count($d) == 3) {
    if (checkdate($d[1], $d[0], $d[2])) {
      $output = "$d[2]-$d[1]-$d[0]";
  return $output;

Lets say that you have a date input as $_POST['date'], the function usage is going to be as in below:

$newDate = mysqlDate($_POST['date']);

Just store the $newDate in your database. Works like magic.

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