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Within two months were are going live with a web system coded from scratch. We expect that the current user registration rate (1000/day) will maintain and that the system will present extremely low latency. Though, we do not have the knowledge on how to measure:

  • performance bottlenecks in the new code base
  • concurrency issues that may arise
  • maximum number of concurrent users while maintaining our accepted QoS

Our technology stack is: Spring 3, Hibernate, iBatis, Velocity, Polopoly CMS and Oracle RAC.

Can anyone share his/her experience in load testing a web application? Any pointers to tutorials would also be very much welcome!

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We have used Grinder for generating load, open source and free. Load tests are written in jyhton, very flexible.

Then we use YourKit as a profiler to find processing and memory hotspots, and more.

This combination has worked very well for us.

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