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I am using jquery to to find the element on the page with display set to none and return it's id in a variable. My attempt is below:


Can someone tell me where I am going wrong...

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i don't think that you need to add :hidden psuedo selector..fallowing will give you the id of selector irrespective of whether it is hidden or not.

 var elementId = $(".galleryitem").attr("id");

but if you add it will be bit faster-

var elementId = $(".galleryitem:hidden").attr("id");
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var elementId = $(".galleryitem:hidden").attr("id");
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To find hidden elements you can use the :hidden psuedo selector.

   //do something with each element.

Or if you only have one item you can simply do the following:

var id = $(".galleryitem:hidden")[0].id

Example on jsfiddle

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