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I'm using DefaultExecutor of apache-commons-exec to execute a php but when I see the profile I see that the the last line, the execute function is creating 2 parallel threads for call the process synchronous. Why?

CommandLine command = new CommandLine("php");

DefaultExecutor exec = new DefaultExecutor();

PumpStreamHandler streamHandler = new PumpStreamHandler(null, null);

int execute = exec.execute(command);

The problem is that I call N threads with a loop calling the exec.execute(command);, so if I use 3 threads, every time the execute is being called the APP is creating 6 new threads that dies when the exec.execute(command); finishes.


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i'm not familiar with the library in question, but generally in java when you are executing a separate process, you need extra threads to correctly handle the standard output/error (otherwise the process may block). i would guess those are the extra threads you are seeing (details on handling process execing here).

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