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How should I get rid of the problem with object slicing in c++.

In my application if the derived class has some dynamically allocated pointer and derived class object is assigned to base class object, the behavior is memory corruption!

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Actually this is the reason of bad design..Your design definitely do not follow the OOP principal.. Define the pointer in the base class.. Never change the functionality. –  Bhupesh Pant Sep 30 '13 at 17:46

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It depends on your design. You may have to change certain design criteria to get rid of it. One of the options is to have an overloaded operator = and copy constructor in your base class for particular derived class.

class Derived;
class Base
  Base (const Derived&);
  Base& operator = (const Derived&);  // private and unimplemented

Now if you attempt to do something like following:

Derived d;
Base b;
b = d; // compiler error

it will result in compiler error.

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you can't. you should solve the problem with the pointer. if you want to assign Obj2 to Obj1, override assign operator (operator=)

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