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I have seen this everywhere, on television and now on bottles of Evian water. they have their Facebook page as www.facebook.com/evianUK

I have created a company Facebook page for a website I'm building and I want to have the website name as part of the url.

I know how to do mod rewrite but obviously i can't on here.

Is there a setting i need to change or how is it done?

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Check here for all information about vanity names: Usernames for Facebook Pages

Pretty much: get 25 fans, log in as the administrator, visit facebook.com/username.

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Doesn't this work: How to create a facebook subdomain. Btw: You need a minimum number of fans in order to create a subdomain.

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log in to facebook and go to here: https://www.facebook.com/username/

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You need to create a page "alias" (or nickname, I don't remember exactly how does they call it..). You also need a minimum number of fans in order to do this.

EDIT: You need 25 fans at the moment, in order to get that..

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