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In the GUI test runner, the menu items for memory leak checking are inactive (grayed out). Is there a special switch I have not found yet to activate them?

Using DUnit 9.4 (from Delphi 2009 or from the sourceforge Subversion repository) and FastMM4.92

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You have to build your DUnit GUI-testrunner with the FASTMM and ManualLeakReportingControl directive. This will enable the memoryleak items (Take a look in GUITestRunner.pas).

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More details (because it took me a while to work it out): (1) FastMM4 must be the first unit in the "uses" section of your test project .dpr file. (2) Remove the "." in the line {.$define ManualLeakReportingControl} in (3) Add FASTMM to the test project Conditional defines (under "Directories/Conditionals" in the Project/Options... (4) Build the project – Neville Cook Jul 2 '14 at 9:36
I found documentation on setting up DUnit with FastMM in DUnit's readme-fastmm.txt – mcdon Jun 15 at 18:23

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