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I am trying to add a footer in a wed page. I have added that in a div tag. But when GWT view is loaded it is now properly displayed. The GWT view is diplayed over the footer. Please help.

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Please add some code of what you did, because there are several ways to add footers, and depending on what you did you need a different solution. At this moment it's impossible to answer your question. – Hilbrand Bouwkamp Jul 29 '11 at 9:27

Normally, you would do a footer like this ...

in .html

<div id='myfooter' style='postion:absolute; height: 50px; bottom: 5px;'></div>

in your GWT-module, you could now write into the footer which will then be displayed at the bottom of the page:


RootPanel.get("myfooter").add(new Label("Hello world!"));

But, of course this is just one way of manys ...

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