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Does anyone have experience with third party (non open source) svn hosting? I am looking at two (WUSH and someother one with svn in the name) They sound ok on paper - but I was hoping to get feedback.

I was able to integrate minimal svn crossover into another web based tracking tool (elementool) but want to hear from others about trac, bugzilla and maybe fogbugz. I am taking over as a development manager for a bunch of projects and want to get the company off SSafe. I have been pleased with my past experiences with SVN but I did not like having to spend time managing an public/outward facing apache server - I would be happier spending the $50 or less each month for another company to do it.

How has your experience been?

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shouldn't this be moved to serverfault.com? –  Robert Koritnik Sep 11 '09 at 11:10
Yes, this is a bit old and would never survive on the site as a new question - it likely belongs somewhere else. This is 5 years old almost. –  Tim Jul 19 '13 at 0:16

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I reccomend Assembla. SVN, GIT, Trak, custom bug / ticketing system, Milestone, fine grained user permission, wiki.

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I recommend assembla. They have great free svn/trac, wiki, ticketing, etc.

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How/Why are they great? How long have you been using them? –  Tim Sep 16 '08 at 2:00
Their product is nice, but I've heard (sorry, no citations) that the service is a little unreliable. –  Chris Broadfoot Sep 16 '08 at 2:22

I use beanstalkapp.com on a couple small products and it works great! Send them an email and they reply instantly at any time of day or night. Ask for a feature and they add it. They don't do defect tracking,they're very focused, but they do integrate with others such as fogbugz, and basecamp, lighthouse, etc. Its also free to use for up to 20MB of storage and 3 users. Beyond that their pricing is very good.

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We are using Wush.net for years and it's great. The only thing is that I have plans to use Active Directory for authentication but they didn't suppport it the last time I checked.

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Have a look at Unfuddle. Has a svn or git hosting, ticketing, wiki, milestones, etc. Has a good integration of repository commits with ticketing system. I'm using it for my projects and it's great.

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I used them for a long time. Quality service with competitive pricing. –  Steven Rogers Dec 24 '12 at 2:25

There's also JIRA OnDemand from Atlassian. Svn + JIRA (issue tracking) + Confluence (wiki) + FishEye (svn insight), all hosted.

Disclosure: I work for Atlassian, but not on Studio.

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That looks a little pricey compared to the others. I can't see why it would cost so much. SVN is free and TRAC and Bugzilla are free and more than what I need - I can get hosting of a (virtual) server for $20 to $100 per month; your solution is way over that. –  Tim Sep 16 '08 at 2:14
@Tim, you can get hosting for $20-$100/month, but you've forgotten the cost of managing your server. Disclosure: I also work for Atlassian, not on Studio either :) –  Chris Broadfoot Sep 16 '08 at 2:24
After using some atlassian products at a company I have to say that I will never willingly choose the products. Ever. Sorry. Just my bad experience. –  Tim Jul 19 '13 at 0:17

I've never used any (I have my own server), but this page lists a bunch. I can't speak as to the 'goodness' of any of them though.

I could, however, suggest that you look into getting your own server. I use a VPS (Virtual Private Server) with SliceHost and host my repositories on that 'box'. SitePoint has an article about VPSs too.

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I don't have the time or the inclination to configure and manage my own servers - virtual or not. I'd prefer to outsource that until I can hire someone to take that on internally. –  Tim Sep 16 '08 at 2:04

I fully recommend assembla.com, not only for hosting your repository, also as platform for Team Workflow

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Do have a look at xp-dev.com as well. It offers a ton of space (1.5GB) for subversion hosting along with collaboration tools like project/issue tracking, wiki, etc.

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We are using CVSDude for SVN hosting. We never had any problems or downtime. They offer Trac and Bugzilla integration. We used Trac for a while but switched to Fogsbugz because it fit's beter what we are doing.

We are only a very small software development shop and not doing very advanced SVN things. We develop for Windows and are using Tortoise as our SVN client for windows. We also do Ruby web development and use SVN for that too. I don't know what client we use on the Mac coz I'm the windows guy.

I think CVSDude is worth checking out. They offer CVS and SVN.


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I would recommend Devjavu. I've been using this service for three hobby projects and the only down side of a free account is the lack of attachment in Trac.

Paid plans start at $19/month and come with more features.

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Assembla works pretty well, but they are no longer free.

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I've also been using DevJaVu for TracExplorer and I'm loving it.

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I use beanstalk as well (http://www.beanstalkapp.com) on a large project and have found it reliable with a good web interface for managing repositories. It has very good integration with FogBugz and the price is extremely competitive. The TortoiseSVN client works well with Beanstalk so consider that as well.

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There are many different options for hosting projects but the mostly offer Track or Bugzilla that not really user friendly form my point of view. I believe there is nothing better than JIRA but it's commercial product and hosting providers never offer it. However there is Redmine that is similar to JIRA (at certain level) and Sourcerepo.com is the only provider I know who offers Redmine.

I believe the best option is to check what hosting providers are offering in general. For example on SVN Rating you can compare different options.

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I've used Jira. I can't agree with your comment that there's "nothing better." In fact, I'd have to say it is one of the worst I have ever used. –  Tim Jul 19 '13 at 0:15
Tim, what can you recommend as better option? I tried bugzilla, fogbugz, mantis, HP quality center and some other issue tracking tools but my preference is JIRA. It's main strengths are powerful search, highly configurable workflow and nice dashboard features. –  Ruslan Platonov Aug 25 '13 at 13:34
I prefer trac, fogbugz and bugzilla over jira. Perhaps it was the admins we had taht handled the jira installation that we used but I found it to be so incredibly intrusive and non intuitive - it took so much time to figure out how to use and where to navigate to. Yes, it is highly configurable and has lots of features - but that was NOT our primary need as developers. I'd prefer to use excel spreadsheet over Jira. –  Tim Aug 26 '13 at 3:14

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