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I'm attempting to synchronize the contents in a zip file with a folder on my system using the ant sync task.

I have the task:

<target name="test-zipfiletest">
  <sync todir="dest">
    <zipfileset src="test.zip"/>

when i run it things are fine the contents make it to the folder

[sync] Copying 1 resource to C:\_dev\ide\springsource\workspaces\workspace_builds\install_utils\dest
Total time: 184 milliseconds

Ok that's great.

BUT... now if i run the task again it deletes the contents:

 [sync] Removed 3 dangling directories from C:\_dev\ide\springsource\workspaces\workspace_builds\install_utils\dest
 [sync] Removed 1 dangling file from C:\_dev\ide\springsource\workspaces\workspace_builds\install_utils\dest
Total time: 148 milliseconds

I would have expected no change and nothing would have been synchronized.... Anyone come across this? Or know how to get this to work properly? thanks, Julian

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Well i found the issue - looks like a problem with ant


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