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I am developing a large commercial program and keep confusing myself between what kind of information i want to log with Log.INFO and Log.DEBUG. Are there any standards or rules of thumb on what each type of log message contains?

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I usually try to use it like this:

  • DEBUG: Information interesting for Developers, when trying to debug a problem.
  • INFO: Information interesting for Support staff trying to figure out the context of a given error
  • WARN to FATAL: Problems and Errors depending on level of damage.
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• Debug: fine-grained statements concerning program state, typically used for debugging;

• Info: informational statements concerning program state, representing program events or behavior tracking;

• Warn: statements that describe potentially harmful events or states in the program;

• Error: statements that describe non-fatal errors in the application; this level is used quite often for logging handled exceptions;

• Fatal: statements representing the most severe of error conditions, assumedly resulting in program termination.

Found on http://www.beefycode.com/post/Log4Net-Tutorial-pt-1-Getting-Started.aspx

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Also remember that all info(), error(), and debug() logging calls provide internal documentation within any application.

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that is a pretty big assumption to make –  invertigo Sep 23 '13 at 16:48
+1 log is another UI –  blank May 5 at 20:57

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