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I'm re-writing an Asp.Net project that a colleague had done a prototype version of. I deleted the Default.aspx and created and new one and now I'm trying to check that new version in.

When I try to check in pending changes I get the standard:

Check In, No files checked in due to conflicting changes. Please use Conflicts Channel to resolve conflicts and try again.

I'm re-directed to the Pending Changes - Conflicts tab, where I'm presented with the options: 'Take Server Version' or 'Keep Local Version'.

If I click 'Keep Local Version', I get the following error: Error, The following exception was encountered. The item $/ProjectName/Default.aspx already has pending changes.

How can I get it to accept my new version of the file?

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Sounds like there's a newer version of that file on the server side. Copy your local file somewhere, then discard your changes and get latest. Then check out and overwrite the checked-out version with your local file. Perhaps there's a more elegant way to do it, but it should work - and of course it will also overwrite any changes made to the server-side version.

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Figured it out on my own a couple of seconds ago, but your answer describes what worked for me. –  Jackson Pope Jul 28 '11 at 14:17
You should not do that, because this like you delete the file from the source control and add new file, so if your colleague made a modification they will lost it without even the ability to merge that changes. –  M.Radwan -MVP Jul 30 '11 at 8:16
In my case I had to 'git rm the-file' to and restore to fix this. –  eddiegroves May 23 '12 at 23:05

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