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Here's an example:

    private void btnUndo_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
<<<<<<< .mine

The third and fourth line are being added to other developers machines when they do an update with from my commit. I'm using SVN.

What is being added here?

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You/Somebody had a conflict on the update/commit and you didn't resolve it before checking in.

The <<<<< and ===== is there to show you what part of the source code is conflicting, and you need to resolve those before you actually commit -- the commit may even have warned you about it, and you may have confirmed to SVN that it was resolved.

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That's saying that there is a conflict in the file with that line, and that this is your local file that is in conflict. There is likely a "theirs" portion nearby (above maybe?) that represents the repository's code that doesn't agree with yours.

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The other developer seems to be committing a file in conflict status.

svn commit doesn't allow you to commit conflicted file that are not resolved (you have to do an svn resolved first).

Perhaps a bigger question to ask is why/how he committed this file to the repository?

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