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I am writing an Axis2 client which will not have access to a repository folder on the filesystem. Is there a way to load the modules which axis need for instance rampart and addressing, from the classpath.

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No answer yet! Wow! It's that strange! I have seen quite a few similar problems on the other sites and no solid answer to their problem or mine. – sebaj Jul 28 '11 at 21:55

Simply install axis2 on your filesystem and add it's lib directory to the CLASSPATH. You can set it system wide or create batch/shell script to run your client. I prefer batch/shell script where I can also set some other options. With axis2 libs it can look like:

SET CLASSPATH=my_axis_client.jar;c:/axis2-1.5.1/lib/*
java -Dfile.encoding=utf8 yyy.zzz.my_axis_client

If you work on unix then instead of such



export CLASSPATH=my_axis_client.jar:/my/axis/lib/*

(be aware, on unix use : instead of ; to separate directories in the CLASSPATH)

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you can add the .mar files to the class path. Axis2 can pick the .mar files in the class path as module files.

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