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How can I view the actual request that Jersey generates and sends to the server? I am having issues with a particular request and the fellow running the webserver asked to see the full request (with headers and the such).

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for logging at the server side see the following post: [How to get jersey logs at server?][1] [1]: stackoverflow.com/questions/2332515/… –  eeezyy Jan 21 at 15:54

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If you're just using Jersey Client API, LoggingFilter (client filter) should help you:

Client client = Client.create();
client.addFilter(new LoggingFilter(System.out));
WebResource webResource = client.resource("http://localhost:9998/");
ClientResponse response = webResource.accept(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON)

Otherwise, you can again log both request and response on server using other LoggingFilter (container filter).

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