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I have a Ms Chart on a simple Form and the follow Testcode:

ChartArea myAreachart2 = new ChartArea();
myAreachart2.AxisX.IntervalType = DateTimeIntervalType.Months;
myAreachart2.AxisX.Minimum = new DateTime(2011, 1, 1).ToOADate();
myAreachart2.AxisX.Maximum = new DateTime(2011, 12, 31).ToOADate();
myAreachart2.AxisX.IsLabelAutoFit = false;
myAreachart2.AxisX.LabelStyle.IsEndLabelVisible = false;
myAreachart2.AxisX.LabelStyle.Format = "MMMM";

chart2.Series[0].XValueType = ChartValueType.DateTime
chart2.Series[0].BorderWidth = 4;
chart2.Series[0].Color = Color.Black;

chart2.Series[0].ChartType = System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.Charting.SeriesChartType.Line;

chart2.Series[0].Points.AddXY(new DateTime(2011, 1, 1), 100);
chart2.Series[0].Points.AddXY(new DateTime(2011, 2, 1), 200);
chart2.Series[0].Points.AddXY(new DateTime(2011, 3, 1), 300);
chart2.Series[0].Points.AddXY(new DateTime(2011, 4, 1), 400);
chart2.Series[0].Points.AddXY(new DateTime(2011, 5, 1), 500);

The result is a Chart with the Values and on the x-Axis are the monthnames as Labels. But not on january. The monthname will not be displayed. (There ist nothing.)

Please help me ? :-) I seach a lot of websites an examples, but i can't find any solution.

Thank you very much.

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Does setting IsEndLabelVisible = true help ? – V4Vendetta Jul 28 '11 at 15:07

Might be because you set:

myAreachart2.AxisX.LabelStyle.IsEndLabelVisible = false;

From MSDN:

LabelStyle.IsEndLabelVisible Property
Gets or sets a flag that determines whether the labels are shown at axis ends.

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@V4Vendetta: sorry, I definitely did not see your comment before: only now I realize your comment was posted before my comment :( – woohoo Jul 28 '11 at 15:55

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