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I am using Mongo-DBv1.8.1. My server memory is 4GB but Mongo-DB is utilizing more than 3GB. Is there memory limitation option in Mongo-DB?.

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possible duplicate of how to release the caching which is used by Mongodb? –  I3arnon May 1 '14 at 12:55
You can use docker with -m option. –  ceram1 Aug 28 '14 at 4:06

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This question has been asked a couple times ...

See this related question/answer (quoted below) ... how to release the caching which is used by Mongodb?

MongoDB will (at least seem) to use up a lot of available memory, but it actually leaves it up to the OS's VMM to tell it to release the memory (see Caching in the MongoDB docs.)

You should be able to release any and all memory by restarting MongoDB.

However, to some extent MongoDB isn't really "using" the memory.

For example from the MongoDB docs Checking Server Memory Usage ...

Depending on the platform you may see the mapped files as memory in the process, but this is not strictly correct. Unix top may show way more memory for mongod than is really appropriate. The Operating System (the virtual memory manager specifically, depending on OS) manages the memory where the "Memory Mapped Files" reside. This number is usually shown in a program like "free -lmt".

It is called "cached" memory.

MongoDB uses the LRU (Least Recently Used) cache algorithm to determine which "pages" to release, you will find some more information in these two questions ...

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I don't think you can configure how much memory MongoDB uses, but that's OK (read below).

To quote from the official source:

Virtual memory size and resident size will appear to be very large for the mongod process. This is benign: virtual memory space will be just larger than the size of the datafiles open and mapped; resident size will vary depending on the amount of memory not used by other processes on the machine.

In other words, Mongo will let other programs use memory if they ask for it.

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Not really, there are a couple of tricks to limit memory, like on Windows you can use the Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM), but generally Mongo works best on a dedicated server when it's free to use memory without much contention with other systems.

Although the operating system will try to allocate memory to other processes as they need it, in practice this can lead to performance issues if other systems have high memory requirements too.

If you really need to limit memory, and only have a single server, then your best bet is virtualization.

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For Windows it seems possible to control the amount of memory MongoDB uses, see this tutorial at Captain Codeman:

Limit MongoDB memory use on Windows without Virtualization

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Note that this is limited to Windows Server –  EwyynTomato Apr 18 '12 at 2:00

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