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The question is simple, how can I identify which object has been touched by the user in OpenGL. I've tried the utilizat envento onTouchEvent but this only returns the possição X, Y screen.

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possible duplicate of Android OpenGL 3D picking – genpfault Jul 28 '11 at 15:26

A similar question was asked (& answered) in this thread: Detect user's touches over an OpenGL square

Basically there are 2 methods: 1 rendering all objects to a buffer in all different colours and then looking at the colour information at the specified 'pick coordinate' to identify your object. The other (and I think less resource intensive) is retrieving the 'ray' and then doing a hit test with bounding boxes you provide for all your objects currently rendered on the screen.

edit: If you're doing your rendering orthographically/2d then this somewhat simplifies things. You can do a simple hit Test with the point you touched and a rectangle (or circle or polygon perhaps) you provide for the image that you've drawn.

Hope this helps.

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