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So, if I develop an OPA app I assume my app will contain AGPL'd code from OPA. Does that mean I have to make it available to everyone? What if the app is for internal company use only and public access is prevented by some security mechanism?

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I think that AGPL only forces you to make the source available to the users of your application. In your case, it would be anyone from your company that would use your web app.

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People always (as far as I have read) write that usage within ones' company does not count as distribution. If so, the license wouldn't matter at all, I think. (I am not a lawyer though) –  KajMagnus Jul 17 '12 at 12:09

It's fine to use an AGPL app for internal use only, assuming you are employees of the company, and not contracted to produce the software for them.

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