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I have an XML file I'm reading in where a branch of the tree looks like this:

    <data id="Shallow" label="Show Shallow Imagery (1 m)">
      <layer name="Bathymetry" url="OtherImagery" type="Dynamic" legendurl="">
      <layer name="Backscatter" url="OtherImagery" type="Dynamic" legendurl="">
      <layer name="PCA" url="BUIS_Imagery" type="Dynamic" legendurl="">

The user selects the layer using a radiobutton and in the click event, I pass layer.( to a function that converts XML to an ArrayCollection.

 private function convertXMLtoArrayCollection(file:XMLList):ArrayCollection{
    var xml:XMLDocument = new XMLDocument(file);
    var decoder:SimpleXMLDecoder = new SimpleXMLDecoder;
    var data:Object = decoder.decodeXML((xml));
    var array:Array = ArrayUtil.toArray(data);

    return new ArrayCollection(array);

For the "Backscatter" layer with only one visiblelayers node, I get the expected ArrayCollection returned. enter image description here

But the other two layers returns an ArrayCollection with the visibleLayers node added in. enter image description here

Why isn't it returning an ArrayCollection like this? enter image description here

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Did you step through the code and look at what "data" is? Did you review the decodeXML() method to see how it operates under the hood? – JeffryHouser Jul 28 '11 at 18:38
For Backscatter, data has a value of 2, and for the others, data is the visiblelayers array (the item below [0] in the second picture) – kenbuja Jul 28 '11 at 18:46

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I ended up using the following function to return an ArrayCollection that was suitable for my code:

private function convertXMLtoArrayCollection1(file:XMLList):ArrayCollection
    var arrcol:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection;

    for each (var value:* in file)

    return arrcol;
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+1, this should work for most folks code. Did you use: arrayColl = convertXMLtoArrayCollection(xml..layer); ? – Brian Bishop Jul 29 '11 at 16:41

For Converting XML to ArrayCollection or Array in ActionScript Example please visit the following link there explain with example.

Converting XML to ArrayCollection or Array in ActionScript Example

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