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I'd like to transform a string that contains an xml using a XSLT, it's for a Colombian company, so I have the following code (don't try to understand it):

string xmlTFDNode = @<tfd:TimbreFiscalDigital  xmlns:tfd=""  xsi:schemaLocation=" TimbreFiscalDigital.xsd"  selloCFD="tOSe+Ex/wvn33YlGwtfmrJwQ31Crd7lI9VcH63TGjHfxk5vfb3q9uSbDUGk9TXvo70ydOpikRVw+9B2Six0m bu3PjoPpO909oAYITrRyomdeUGJ4vmA2/12L86EJLWpU7vIt4cL8HpkEw7TOFhSdpzb/890+jP+C1adBsHU1VHc=" FechaTimbrado="2010-03-06T20:40:10" UUID="ad662d33-6934-459c-a128-bdf0393e0f44"   noCertificadoSAT="30001000000100000801" version="1.0"  selloSAT="j5bSpqM3w0+shGtImqOwqqy6+d659O78ckfstu5vTSFa+2CVMj6Awfr18x4yMLGBwk6ruYbjBlVURodEIl6n JIhTTUtYQV1cbRDG9kvvhaNAakxqaSOnOx79nHxqFPRVoqh10CsjocS9PZkSM2jz1uwLgaF0knf1g8pjDkLYwlk="/>

and I have a XLST stored on the server named InvoiceTFD.xslt This is the XSLT file

I want to create a method to return a string with the data transformed, it shoud look like this (that's what the XSLT does):

lB1D/JWc+zntkgW+Ig49WnlKyXi0LOlBOVuxckDb7EAx4=|12345678901234 567890||

The problem I is that the XslTransform.Transform method creates a new file, and I don't want to write a file

Recapitulating, I just want to take a string, transform it using a XSLT file I have, and return a string with the transformation without creating files on the server, that's it!

I believe it's not that hard, but I'm new in .NET so I really don't know how to do it :(

Thanks in advance and have a great day guys !!

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You can write to a memory stream:

MemoryStream oStream = new MemoryStream()
oXslt.Transform(new XPathDocument(new XmlNodeReader(oXml)), null, oStream );
oStream.Position = 0
StreamReader oReader = new StreamReader(oStream);
string output = oReader.ReadToEnd();

BTW, use XPathDocument and XslCompiledTransform. They are much faster than XslTransform and XmlDocument. Even if you use an XmlDocument to create the xml, covert it to an XPathDocument for the transform.

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Love it man, thanks – franko_camron Jul 28 '11 at 19:07

Transform method can take Stream outputStream parameter. You can create StringWriter and pass it as output stream.

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Use XslCompiledTransform instead of XslTransform. Use method: XslCompiledTransform.Transform, save result to OutputStream.

As I see, your XSLT is version 2.0. Neither of them support XSLT 2.0.

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I was able to use XslCompiledTransform with XSLT 2.0 with no prob, but thanks for pointing that out, – franko_camron Jul 28 '11 at 20:45

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