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I use Amazon Web Services, and I'm wondering if RAID0 is sufficient in the Amazon cloud as supposed to RAID1, RAID5, etc.

Since the disks are virtualized, and Amazon maintains the disks in an already redundant fashion, is there any risk to using RAID0? Is there any benefit to using other RAID versions in the cloud?

Also, AWS does not support creating snapshots of a RAID array since it can only do it for a single volume. Is there a solution already in existence that can reliably snapshot a RAID array?


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The best way to answer your question is that it depends on your project. If your doing it for yourself, RAID 0 should be fine. If you are doing it for a corporate bank, you may want to consider using another RAID version.

As far as EBS snapshot software for RAIDs ... I would just snapshot each drive at the same time. I personally have not done this, but I see why it should work.

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