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When I am running Emacs (in GUI mode) in GNOME, the meta key works fine i.e. alt-v jumps back one page. But when I remove the line: "gnome-enable" from rc.conf and reboot FreeBSD then alt-v does not work in Emacs (although ctrl-v works). Doing alt-v in Emacs without GNOME simply prints v at the cursor. Yea... i can of course use esc as the meta key... but I would really love to use the alt / option key of my MacBook as the meta key. I am running FreeBSD 8.1 on a MacBook. Please help.


share|improve this question goes into all (or most) of the ways that this can go wrong, and how to fix them. I don't have a gnome-enable locally, but I imagine that one of the things it does is (setq x-alt-keysym 'meta).

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Thanks a lot. :) – Venu Chakravorty Aug 1 '11 at 17:48

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