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I'm creating a simple database restore script, but I ran into a bump in the road.

Database dump files are created with the script as well, and have the following filename format: datestamp-dbname.sql

With the restore script, I need to remove the datestamp, the hyphen and the .sql, to just leave the dbname.

I currently have this, which removes the first part, but I need to remove the .sql as well.

$getfilename = $_GET['filename'];
$dbname = explode("-", $getfilename[2]);


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list ($timestamp, $dbname) = explode('-', basename($filename, '.sql'));

basename() (with optional second argument) removes the file extension. The rest is trivial.

Another solution:

$dbname = substr($filename, strpos($filename, '-') + 1, -4);

Just take the string between - (excluding: +1) and 4 characters before the end of the string.

I would prefer the first solution, because it feels a little bit cleaner to me (and even more readable)

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The first solution worked perfectly. Thanks. –  Spencer Jul 29 '11 at 0:18

The first element of an array has the index zero, not one. You want:

$tmp = explode('-', $getfilename);
$dbname = $tmp[1];
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$getfilename = $_GET['filename'];
$dbname = explode("-", $getfilename);
$dbname[1] // this is what you need
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