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I have a restore option in my app, which reads in the back-up file, and copies it over the original sqlite-db.

Everything seems to work fine, except for the fact that after the restore, the old db-file is still active. If I shut down my application completely, using System.exit(0);, it does load the restored database, and everything works as expected.

It seems that the application keeps the old db-file in RAM, although that seems odd ...

Below the code:

             File dbFile = new File(DatabaseHelper.DB_PATH + DatabaseHelper.DB_NAME);
             if (dbFile.exists()) {
                Boolean fileDeleted = dbFile.delete();
                Log.i(DatabaseHelper.LOG_TAG, "fileDeleted: " + String.valueOf(fileDeleted));

             try {
                Log.i(DatabaseHelper.LOG_TAG, "myDatabase.isOpen: " + String.valueOf(dbHelper.myDataBase.isOpen()));
                Log.i(DatabaseHelper.LOG_TAG, "myDatabase.isOpen: " + String.valueOf(dbHelper.myDataBase.isOpen()));
                Boolean newFileCreated = dbFile.createNewFile();
                Log.i(DatabaseHelper.LOG_TAG, "newFileCreated: " + String.valueOf(newFileCreated));
                FileUtil.copyFile(dbBackupFile, dbFile);
                return null;
             } catch (IOException e) {
                Log.e(DatabaseHelper.LOG_TAG, e.getMessage(), e);
                return e.getMessage();

Somebody experienced the same?

I did check to see if some activity has the db open, but as far as I can see, this is nowhere the case. All the log-entries show expected/correct values ...

I've tried everything, so any suggestions/ideas are very much appreciated!!

Thanks in advance.

Greetingz, Koen Hoorelbeke<

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Why you are using System.exit(0), use finish(). Which will finish() the activity and GC will take care of the memory, and you'll be a step forward to solution. I think it takes some time before the file is deleted, I've notice it on the emulator. Are you copying the database from any folder (raw/assets)?

I suggest you to try close() orreleaseMemory() the database before you do the copying stuff of the old one and the new one. And then reassign to the db object the new database file

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