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I am trying to do this but it is not working....I was trying to text to my sandbox sms at Twilio so once twilio receive's that sms it would execute a script that should dial a number. This is not working as I get no error so I am assuming the only place where the Dial verb works is in the phone section of Twilio and not the sms part. Any help?

I want the sms to be a trigger that starts up a script which uses Twilio's dial verb to call people and give a message then hang.

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The <Dial> verb is a top level one, so it should be a child of <Response>, i.e., not <Sms>. That said, Twilio's documentation strongly implies putting <Dial> in the <Response> for an SMS callback won't work; <Dial> is supposed to connect a current caller to another party. So, if this isn't working, you'll hit their REST API to initiate the call; you can POST the TwiML script with the message to speak and the instruction to then hang up.

Note this contradicts my first reply to your comment on your other Twilio question, my apologies for that.

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