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As a simplification of my problem, lets say I have a songs and an artists table:



The majority of the time I'm querying songs and I always need the artist name attached. Would it make sense to add another column to song called artist_name so that I don't need to do .includes(:artist) eager loading?

I think my current design is the typical one but what is the most efficient one or what is the best way to handle this situation in rails?

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Song.find(2, :include => :artist)
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Sorry, I wrote .joins(:artist) but I meant to write .includes(:artist) which is what I'm currently doing. – Kyle Fleming Jul 28 '11 at 19:45
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To answer my own question:

It seems database denormalization makes sense only in heavy read applications and one should profile extensively first.

Some options:

  1. Add an includes to the default scope for songs
  2. Denormalize artist name and use model hooks to ensure data integrity
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