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I have been trying to create a bit map of a list view, where the entire list view is not visible on the screen. I am using

Bitmap mBitmap = fullView.getDrawingCache();

to create bitmap. It works ok for the part of list view that is visible on the screen but, not for the part that isn't.I would like to know if a bitmap of a list view can be created without having to display it completely on the screen. All suggestions and or solutions are appreciated.

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As android only draws what is visible, may idea would be to take bitmaps in pieces and then group the bitmaps into a single one. You could first get the bitmap of first n items. Then use the scrollTo method to scroll beyond the previous n items and get the bitmap for the next n items. This way you can get bitmap of the whole list view.

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Have you got this to work? I am trying to solve the same problem and the scrollTo doesn't seem to work for me. I'm using scrollTo(0, i*height) where height is listView.getChildAt(0).getHeight() – 8oh8 Oct 5 '12 at 1:28

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