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I have an ActiveX HTML Object as defined here:

<object id="HSMBTPrintX1" width="350" height="350"
   classid="CLSID:68d05400-18a6-4b39-b3ff-a17d77c1eddf" codebase=".\HSMBTPrintX.ocx">

And a button:

<input type="button" name="Print" value="Print" onclick="PassParameter()" />

This button calls some javascript defined above the button and control:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
    function PassParameter() {
            if (StringInput.value != " ") {
                alert('1 - ' + HSMBTPrintX1);
                HSMBTPrintX1.InputParameter = StringInput.value;
                alert('2 - ' + StringInput.value);
                var temp = HSMBTPrintX1.PrintLabel();
                alert('3 -' + temp);

My PrintLabel C++ code method, here:

char* CHSMBTPrintXCtrl::PrintLabel(void)
    return "temp";

    // TODO: Add your dispatch handler code here
    TCHAR g_szComPort[16];
    char szout[512];
    HANDLE hCom;
    TCHAR comPort[16];
    unsigned long bytesWritten;
    int counter;
    if (!FindBluetoothPort(g_szComPort))
    return "minus two";
    hCom = CreateFile(comPort,GENERIC_READ|GENERIC_WRITE,0,0,OPEN_EXISTING,0,0);
    if (hCom == NULL)
    return "minus one";
    CStringA charstr(m_InputParameter);
    // Create text to send to printer
    strcpy(szout, "^XA\n");
    strcat(szout, "^PRC ^LH0,0 ^LL203 ^PW406 ^MD5 ^MFF,F ^MMT ^MNM ^CF0,20,12 ^XB\n");
    strcat(szout, "^FO20,05 ^AFN ^FV MASTER PACK ^FS\n");
    strcat(szout, "^XZ");

    // Write file to Bluetooth COM port
        return "one";
    return "two";

And as you can see, (just for testing), as soon as the function is called it returns some text. I attempt to output this text in a javascript alert.

The issue is, the "temp" javascript variable outputs as "undefined"... so i'm assuming the PrintLabel function never even gets called.

For some background information (which may or may not help in a conclusion), i am using VS2008, creating a Visual C++ Smart Device project. The solution also has a Smart Device CAB Project added on. The entire solution is then built; I copy the .CAB, .INF, .OCX and .HTML files to a single folder on a handheld device running Windows CE.

Additionally, I am not very familiar with C++... nor ActiveX. Any help is appreciated!!

If i need to provide more information, just point me in a direction.


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In order to expose a new method to javascript you need to add it to your IDL file; in addition, you won't be able to return a char* from an ActiveX control, you'll need to return a BSTR. In your case, the char* is released when the function goes out of scope and becomes invalid anyway.

What is actually occurring is that javascript checks for a PrintLabel method on the COM interface, doesn't find one, and just defaults to undefined.

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In addition to @Taxilian's comments, you also must implement IObjectSafety or the browser won't be able to access the object (this is one of the more common omissions for CE browser-targeted controls).

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I think the issue was with my HTML object... i now have the version number, and all caps for the class id:

<object id="HSMBTPrintX1" width="350" height="350"

everything is working fine now.

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