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I have created a web page which uses the jQuery Tools' Scrollable component, and the page is based on the minimal setup demo. As in this demo my page also uses scrollable items with room for five thumbnail images, but when my page loads for the first time I want only a single scrollable item containing only three thumbnail images, with the remaining two image slots empty. I assumed that I could simply replace the three scrollable item divs from the demo with a single scrollable item div and everything would look fine, however when I do that I end up seeing inoperable left/previous and right/next icons, even though there are no previous or next scrollable items to scroll to.

I have an example of what I'm trying to do on the jsfiddle site here. It's essentially the above referenced demo with the non-applicable scrollable item divs and child imgs commented out.

How can I initialize the scrollable such that I only have a single scrollable item on the page without having the non-applicable left/previous and right/next icons appear?

Thanks in advance for your help, suggestions, etc.

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best I can come up with is

if($(".scrollable .items div").length < 2) $("a.browse").hide();

after the initialization.

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I wanted the browse buttons to be hidden by default, then only display them if needed.

In the css, default the a.browse to visibility: hidden

Then in the initialization:

$(".scrollable").scrollable().each( function() {
  var scroller = $(this).data("scrollable");
  scroller.getNaviButtons().css('visibility', 'visible');
  if (scroller.getSize() <= 1) {

This seems a bit hacky, but avoids temporarily displaying the browse buttons if they are not going to be seen.

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