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There are plenty of resources on the web on how to write good commit messages, and it isn’t really all that hard. I’d like to know what makes up a good tag message though. Simply citing the summary lines of all commits since the previous tag is probably not really useful. What do you deem a ‘quality’ tag message?

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The only thing that I'd call a 'quality tag' would have to be fairly complete. Generally, I would consider a good tag to be short, to the point, but also explain exactly what went on, like so:

"Committed the public directory, containing the new logo (logo.png), the new stylesheet (style1.css), and with the javascript that selects checkboxes of parents if their children are checked in a hierarchical structure (checkheir.js), did some code refactoring, made it more readable, and added comments for easier comprehension -John Doe"

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This one is pretty tool specific, but in subversion where tags are simply copies - it's usually good form to have something like "Tagged trunk at r65345" – thekbb Jul 29 '11 at 0:26
So you basically suggest a short summary of all commit messages since the last tga? – igor Jul 31 '11 at 14:17

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