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I'm doing a bash query using subprocess over SSH (don't ask). The query includes using find with the -exec option, however, on the remote target host, {} won't expand properly, when viewing what the query actually does on the target host.

For example: find / -name "hello.txt" -exec echo {} \; where {} should read hello.txt but it merely reads just as {}.

So, what I'm I missing here?

Thanks in advance.

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It would be helpful if you posted some code, but my guess is that you are not including shell=True in your subprocess arguments, which is necessary for the variable expansion. For example:

subprocess.Popen('find / -name "hello.txt" -exec echo {} \;', shell=True)
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Yupp, I know :-) Code is on another machine. But you're correct, using shell=False. –  Anders Jul 28 '11 at 20:46

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