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well i have this controller called cpanel.php which has this two functions.

Function nuevo() takes two paramters $type for (insert or update) and $id to know which record update.

if a new record is to be inserted, then i need to create a DB and DUMP some default data with another function called createDB, this createDB() method takes one parameter $instancia which is the name of the DB to be created.

The problem here is that only the first shell_exec instruction is executed so it'll just create the DB but wont import the structure.sql or the dump.sql, this happens when i call this controller using AJAX like this.

 $.post("http://localhost/web/control.vamvu.mx/index.php/cpanel/nuevo", $("#formcliente_0").serialize(),window.location="http://localhost/web/control.vamvu.mx/index.php/cpanel/",'json');

if i write down the whole location on my browser like


it does create the DB and also executes the other two lines of shell_exec corresponding to the imports of estructura.sql and dump.sql

public function nuevo($type=0,$id=0)
 //   $this->load->model("mclientes");
    $datos['instancia']= trim($this->input->post('instancia_'.$id));
    $datos['email']= trim($this->input->post('email_'.$id));
    $datos['celular']= trim($this->input->post('celular_'.$id));
    $datos['detalle']= trim($this->input->post('detalle_'.$id));




public function createDB($instancia)

    $db='mysql -u gustavo -p****** --execute="CREATE DATABASE '.$instancia.'; " >> /tmp/dblog.txt &';
    $estructura='mysql -u gustavo -p******* '.$instancia.'< /var/www/control.vamvu.mx/estructura.sql';
    $dump='mysql -u gustavo -p******* '.$instancia.'< /var/www/control.vamvu.mx/dump.sql';
    echo $db;
    echo $estructura;
    echo $dump;

so the question here is why does this fails when called from within another function, but succeds when calling it directly from the browser and also why does the DB gets created but the sql files just wont get imported?

HOpe you can guide/help me through this thanks!

any observation about my english writting is well taken! =D

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You do know there are native MySQL bindings for PHP? Actually, there are several. Using those would be much more robust and cleaner! –  Carpetsmoker Jul 28 '11 at 22:17
nope i didnt know about these bindings how can i make use of them? –  Gustavo Jul 28 '11 at 22:21
Well, there are a bunch of different interfaces. I would start with the "basic" mysql extension: php.net/manual/en/book.mysql.php –  Carpetsmoker Jul 28 '11 at 22:30
okay now i know what you meant, sorry yes i did know about bindings and i can use it to create the DB without toruble but if i use those bindings to import the .sql i would break because those are large dump files, thats why im using the linux shell –  Gustavo Jul 28 '11 at 22:38
If the database is so large that it breaks bindings, why don't you execute them directly from the command line.. is this a shared host or something? –  Sukumar Jul 29 '11 at 7:06

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