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I've looked everywhere but I can't find any way to post code to GitHub. I tried making a repository but then it tells me I have to download a command prompt thing?

Why can't I just post code directly to it? Is there any other way?

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I feel you on not wanting to mess with a command prompt. I tried to go the GUI route with git, but ultimately found that the the command line is how I had to use it. Counter-intuitively, the GUI's didn't seem to work that well and it was much easier to use the command prompt for this situation. –  Chris Dutrow Jun 10 '12 at 14:56

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If you are simply looking for a way to put some code online, then you can use another feature of that site calles "gists".

If you are on a mac, then there is another app you can use (made by the GitHub guys).

But the most relevant piece of software is what you refer to as " command prompt thing", which is a version control application with a relatively steep learning curve called GIT.

On a final note you might be misunderstanding what GitHub is useful for and might be better off looking at something a bit less complicated. If you are willing to explain exactly what you are looking for then i'm sure the StackOverflow community will be willing to help you :)

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Github is a code hosting site for Git.

The "command prompt thingy" is likely Git. If you don't use Git, it's unlikely you want Github either.

Luckily there are graphical Git front ends such as SmartGit.

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While GitHub has recently added limited support for editing files through the web interface, it's intended as hosting for software projects using the Git source control software. The most-used interface is the command-line git tool, though there are graphical interfaces such as TortoiseGit as well as Git components for many IDEs.

If all you're looking for is a place to put small code fragments for sending to others (like a pastebin), then you probably want Gists instead: http://gist.github.com/

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You may use github's gist. Although, the main point of using github is to share git repositories.

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