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I am currently working on an Android application that needs to publish a live stream of the device's camera to a Wowza Server. I am using Red5 on the device itself to get this done, however I have ran into a multitude of dependency issues. I need to locate the package with the MXBean class. Can anyone please help?

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That package does not exist in Android, and you cannot reliably add java.* or javax.* classes to an Android project. That means that you would need to:

  1. Write an implementation of and related classes from scratch, calling it or something. You may be able to get some of this code from Apache Harmony, refactoring them into your custom package, but Harmony's implementation of is not complete AFAICT.

  2. Modify Red5 to use

I suspect that you will find it easier to go some other route. AFAIK, Red5 is designed to run on a server, and Android phones are not servers.

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