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I have read all of the outofmemoryerror threads and I understand that I am trying to resize to mamny images. I am storing these images on my server at a max size of 250x250. I am trying to load them in a list. I have implemented a cache system and it works great. The problem is that I am caching the image size from the server and im still doing the resize each time i pull it from the cache.

I want to resize the image before I put it into the cache. I am using xml to resize the image in the list.

<ImageView android:id="@+id/img_user" android:layout_width="100dp" 

My list adapter is where I put the image into the cache. The problem is that I do not know at this point the size of the imageview.

Drawable cachedImage = null;
                cachedImage = imageLoader.loadImage(
                        new ImageThreadLoader.ImageLoadedListener() {
                            public void imageLoaded(Drawable imageBitmap) {
                                View itemView = parent.getChildAt(position -
                                        ((ListView) parent).getFirstVisiblePosition());
                                if (itemView == null) {
                                ImageView img = (ImageView)
                                if (img == null) {

How can I figure out the size of the image to cache?

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What I ended up doing was resizing the images to the actual scaled sizes and then caching. No more memory problems. Aviod re-sizing as must as you can in a listview.

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