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I enabled root in terminal by sudo passwd root and then attempted to cd a rails site folder located on my desktop. I got the error -bash: cd: /Users/fred/Desktop/sitefolder: Permission denied

How to get rid of this error/ enable all permissions for root? Thanks

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Are you sure you called cd as root?

If yes, check if the owner of the folder is root. If not call

sudo chown /Users/fred/Desktop/sitefolder root

then check if the owner has reading permission. If not call

chmod 744 /Users/fred/Desktop/sitefolder

(this enables all permissions for owner and only reading permission for group and others).
If you don't care much about that folder you may instead call directly

sudo chmod 777 /Users/fred/Desktop/sitefolder

giving all permissions to every user.

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If I try any of those commands I am required to input my password but terminal rejects it although I know I am entering it correctly? Do you know what's happening? – user852974 Jul 29 '11 at 0:13
Are you sure you spelled your password correctly? Check if caps lock is active. It may also be that you are not logged in as your user. Try call whoami to know who are you. As a last shore, call su or sudo -s and enter root password; then you can call passwd your_user to manually reset your user's password – Saphrosit Jul 29 '11 at 0:19

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