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I know how to get someone's thumbnail via the Facebook API, but how do you get the person's full profile pic? What permissions are necessary to do this?

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Append type=large to the query string. For example

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Thanks. Not sure how I missed that one +1 – BuddyJoe Jul 29 '11 at 17:33

The full profile picture can not be retrieved via the user's picture connection (https://UID/picture?type=large will only return a picture of about 200x200).

To get the largest version of the profile picture stored on Facebook, you need to access the user's profile photo album. This requires user_photos permission.

The full profile picture can be retrieved by iterating over the albums, looking for the album which has the the type 'profile' and then getting its cover page:

public function getProfilePictureMaxUrl($facebook,$uid,$userAccessToken) {
    $params = array('access_token' => $userAccessToken);
    $r = $facebook->api('/'.$uid.'/albums',$params);

    foreach ($r['data'] as $album) {
        if ($album['type'] == 'profile') {

            //retrieve information about this album
            $r = $facebook->api('/'.$album['id'],$params);

            $pid = ($r['cover_photo']);

            //retrieve information about this photo
            $r = $facebook->api('/'.$pid,$params);

            return $r['source'];

    //Profile folder not found (could be because of paging)
    error_log('Failed to retrieve profile folder for uid '.$uid);
    return false; 
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