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I install zend-optimizer on wampserver, then I access link address "localhost/phpmyadmin" is get error message

"Cannot load mysqli extension. Please check your PHP configuration. - Documentation"

When I access folder "localhost/demo" is get error message "Unable to connect to the database"

I using Wampserver (Php 5.2.8, Mysql 5.5.8 and Apache 2.2.17)

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mysqli is an extension, kind of like a driver, which PHP uses to communicate with MySQL. It is one of a small handful of extensions PHPMyAdmin is able to connect to MySQL with. You'll have to install the mysqli extension into your PHP setup or switch your PHPMyAdmin configuration to use a different driver.

Here is an overview from the PHP manual describing how to install PHP extensions in a Windows environment.

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Never fear! Easy configuration is here! Click on PHP menu in Wamp tray icon. Then go to Extension submenu and scroll down the list to find php_mysqli. Click it (which will enable the extension) and then restart Wamp services.

Alternatively you can modify your PHP.ini. Look for the line ;extension=php_mysqli.dll and remove the semi-colon. Then restart the Wamp services.

That should be it.

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