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Hi i want to assign two string values from popup window back to parent window which open the popup window.

for which i take two hidden field both in parent and child window as runat server, and on button click event i assing these hidden field some text value

/*(Hidden field 1 ->)*/     c_value.Value = Treeview.SelectedNode.Parent.Value;
/*(Hidden field 2 ->)*/     c_text.Value = "File selected";

and on body unload event i assign these value to parent's hidden field through javascipt


  function assgin()

     window.opener.document.getElementById("ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_p_value").value = document.getElementById('c_value').value;

     window.opener.document.getElementById('ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_p_text').value = document.getElementById('c_text').value;


<body onunload="assign()">

but when i try to get these value on parent form it is showing empty.

i not understand why these values become empty may be due to onunload event, if this is the reason then tell me on which event i assign these values to parent form .i want to assign these values before closing child window.

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Your JS function has a typo "assgin()" :( – mario.tco Jul 29 '11 at 5:40

Maybe your problem is due to a typo of "assgin()" function. But if not, here is a small example that works for me. NOTE: you can't test this on a local disk, because in that case the browser will prevent access to window.opener for security reasons.


<input type="button" onclick="window.open('popup.html','My Popup')" value="Open popup" />
Result from popup: <input type="text" id="result" />


function assign() {
    window.opener.document.getElementById("result").value = document.getElementById("mystring").value;
<body onunload="assign()">
    Enter string and close the popup: <input type="text" id="mystring" />
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