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In below code i tried to add a new line after eof reached, but NULL is written at the end of last line. could anybody suggest me.

If ( nImportPos > 0 ) then begin 
  nImportPos := FileWrite(fHandle, #13, length(#13)); 
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Also you should be writing #13#10 for a windows line end mark. Is it an ANSI or Unicode file? –  David Heffernan Jul 29 '11 at 8:08

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Assuming you are writing to an ASCII or ANSI file then I would code it as follows:

if nImportPos>0 then begin
  nImportPos := FileWrite(fHandle, sLineBreak[1], Length(sLineBreak));


  1. The StringElementSize assertion is to justify the assumption, in the following line, that sLineBreak has single byte character elements. The definition of sLineBreak use AnsiString explicitly. If your Delphi is pre-Unicode then this line will not compile and you can remove it.
  2. sLineBreak is the correct way to write a new line to an ASCII/ANSI file. On Windows it is defined to be AnsiString(#13#10), i.e. a CR+LF pair. On Unix based platforms it is defined to be AnsiString(#10), i.e. a single LF. Use sLineBreak to express logically what you are doing and let the compiler deal with the implementation.
  3. The call to FileSeek() is not needed since FileWrite() moves the file pointer to the end of the buffer that FileWrite() writes.
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