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I try to run this code but I get a Null Exception.

Java Code :

public static void updateData(List<Users> users){ 
   for(Users u : users){ //Error 
      System.out.println(u.name); // Error 

Extjs Code :

proxy: { 
    type: 'ajax', 
    api: { 
        update: '/Application/updateData' 
    reader: { 
        type: 'json', 
        root: 'users', 
        successProperty: 'success' 

Json Array :


So please tell how to bind json Array to Entity List on Play Framework 1.2.2. Thanks ...

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You've specified root: 'users' in your reader's config. This means that JSON Array should look like this:

{users: [{"name":"Ed","email":"a...@aa.com"},{"name":"Ez","email":"b...@bb.com"}]}
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thanks but it doesn't work for me, it's give an empty list . –  Koptan Jul 29 '11 at 15:12

You have to use Gson :

List<User> userList = new Gson().fromJson(yourString, Users.class);

And have a Users class suitable for your JSON :

public class Users {
    private String name;
    private String email;
    //[Add your getter and setter]

For more information you can read the GSON documentation

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