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Here what i have done : 1) created testcase in selenium IDE - TestNg format( local system) 2) altered in Eclipse 3) Installed selenium grid on different machine (call ex - linux) 4) Trying to run build.xml from local system Default Selenium(host, port,browser, url) Now its not connecting to for runnin test case what i have to do? Is it i am missing something or what is the procedure to achive this scenario?. Thanks a lot. By. Mani

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  1. Download Selenium Grid on the different machines that are needed.(One to run Hub (Hub) and other to launch the RC instances(RC1 & RC2)) Example: - Hub: - RC1: - RC2:
  2. Launch the hub a. Log in the machine you want to use as the hub ( b. Enter “ant launch-hub” command to launch the hub.
  3. Launch RC1 : a. log in the machine you want to launch the first RC instance ( b. enter “ant -Dport=5556 -Dhost= -DhubURL= launch-remote-control”
  4. Launch RC2 : a. log in the machine you want to launch the first RC instance ( b. enter “ant -Dport=5556 -Dhost= - DhubURL= launch-remote-control”
  5. Enter link in address bar of browser and verify that ports are available.
  6. Now run the tests. a. Log in the host machine b. Enter “ant run-demo-in-parallel” command.
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You also need to change "host" value in DefaultSelenium to point to hub host and port – A.J Jul 29 '11 at 14:44
@A.J Selenium grid manages the host and port on its own we dont have to set host and port only required base URL and set browser – user808548 Aug 1 '11 at 7:08
like Selenium sel = new DefaultSelenium(BaseURL,*firefox)? in your code? – A.J Aug 1 '11 at 13:01

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