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I run a website (coldfusion/railo) and I visit the site numerous times during the day to work on it and check things. One thing I have noticed is that after a while, certain pages start hanging.

Sometimes the page will take ages (>30s to load) and if the page does load, then Ajax requests (jQuery) will also take forever and timeout when clicked. Other pages will work fine however. Mostly it's the ajax calls that start hanging or lagging.

I have monitored the http requests with httpFox but the request just shows a * as nothing is returned because it is hanging.

However, when I delete cookies for this website in Firefox, and reload the page, the website pages work fine and load quickly for some time until the problem starts again.

I am worried that if this is happening to me, it is happening to my users.

I have not experienced this in IE but do not work on it very often.

I am using FF5.

Can anyone point me in some direction where to start looking? Could cookies be the problem here? Is this a FF issue? Could it be a combination of cookie and caching causing corruption somewhere? Any help would be appreciated.


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I'd say it is a data in cookies and server logic which consumes it is a culprit. You might want to post code sample of the script (in ajax call for instance) which is making troubles and server side which receives this particular call. –  Jura Khrapunov Jul 29 '11 at 7:13
In your Application.cfc onRequestStart, at the top, add this: request.timer = getTickCount(); and in your onRequestEnd method add this: writeDump(var=getTickCount()-request.timer &","&CGI.PATH_INFO,output="cookiePerfCheck.log"); this will record the execution time of the request. This can at least help you see if the issue effects other users and confirm the issue is not in the browser. To solve this please follow Jura's recommendation and post some code. Don't leave the writeDump in there for too long. It's not as fast as normal logging. –  Aaron Greenlee Jul 30 '11 at 2:38
Uh, why recommend writeDump at all? What does it do that writeLog or cflog don't do? :/ And I'd probably recommend checking existing server logs for this information first, or just skipping straight to using server monitoring software like FusionReactor, which can let you examine running/locked threads to see what is executing. –  Peter Boughton Sep 15 '11 at 2:56

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