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I am trying to do a check on the isolated storage followed by some command along with it.

What i wanted was to check for directories name consisting "a*" *If the directories exist* it will check if the diretory named after "a + today date" exist.

If it exist will show up a pop up message telling it does exist.

But if no directories consisting of "a*" is exist at all it will show a message of "Does not exist".

Below is my code:

  • Is able to check if the directories exist when there is a directory of "a*" is created.
  • But it does not work *when none of the directories "a" is created**. How should i modify my code?


string[] fileNames;
string selectedFolderName;

private void gameBtn_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)

    string currentDate = DateTime.Now.ToString("MMddyyyy");
    string currentDateName = "a" + currentDate;

    IsolatedStorageFile myStore = IsolatedStorageFile.GetUserStoreForApplication();

        fileNames = myStore.GetDirectoryNames("a*");

        foreach (var name in fileNames)
            if (fileNames.Contains(currentDateName))
                selectedFolderName = currentDateName;
                MessageBox.Show("Your schedule for today");
                NavigationService.Navigate(new Uri("/DisplaySchedule.xaml?selectedFolderName=" + selectedFolderName, UriKind.Relative));
                MessageBox.Show("No Schdule for today", "Schedule Reminder", MessageBoxButton.OK);
                NavigationService.Navigate(new Uri("/MainPage.xaml", UriKind.Relative));


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Your error is just a simple typo.

if (fileNames.Contains(currentDateName))

should be

if (name.Contains(currentDateName))

As for handling when there's no directory "a*", check if fileNames is empty.

if (fileNames.Length == 0) // no Directory 'a' was found, create it
     // create code here
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But anotehr problem is the code dont work when "a*" directory totally does not exist –  beny lim Jul 29 '11 at 7:34
Yes, but you're not handling that in your code at all. See my updated answer. –  Claus Jørgensen Jul 29 '11 at 7:38
Oh. Now i understand what is the reason already. Thanks for ur help –  beny lim Jul 29 '11 at 8:24

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