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Is it possible to specify sources and/or javadocs to be included in dependency JAR's with the Play Framework?

I want to be able to browse the source and javadocs for 3rd party libraries in Eclipse. The Maven Eclipse plugin can apparently be configured to provide this functionality as seen here, I'm wondering if Play provides similar facilities as well.

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Have you looked at the Maven plugin?

It explicitly mentions source and javadocs in its description.

Expected behavior this module:

  • Allow declaration dependencies in pom.xml, without putting explicitly unless the transitive dependency does not work (for older version or depending on undesirable big jar file)
  • Able to download all dependencies not provided by Play into lib folder, with src and javadoc
  • Able to download source/javadoc artifiacts to depsrc folder for declared or transitive dependency which is provided by Play, for easier debugging (using command mvn:play-src)
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I was aware of the Maven plugin but it doesn't claim support for Play 1.2 which I'm using. Sounds like I should file a feature request for native support in Play, I'd rather not duplicate core framework functionality. – mustpax Jul 29 '11 at 16:12
The instructions do seem to show how to use the Maven plugin with the play dependencies, which was new in Play 1.2, so it is worth a try. Not all plugins have been updated, but still work. – Codemwnci Jul 29 '11 at 18:02

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