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I use Log2Console to view remote logs. My logger is NLog. My config looks like this:

<target name="log_main" xsi:type="Chainsaw"

When I run both logs producer and Log2Console on a single machine, no logs are shown. When I run them on different machines (specifying corresponding address, of course), everything works fine.

I've tried replacing with or localhost. Also I've tried enabling/disabling IPv6 in Log2Console, but it still doesn't work.
My system is Win7 x64.

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I had same problem whit UDP. When I've tried TCP I got "invalid stream header: 3C6C6F67" exception. Didn't find solution, but I've swiched to Log2Console (http://log2console.codeplex.com/). You can use same xsi:type="Chainsaw" target. It's simpler but powerfull enough for me. Also it works whit NLog seamlessly.

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I had same problem. TCP or UDP didn't matter, but when I specified the full IP address for the local machine, it worked.

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this worked for me. It had to be the numeric IP address, host name or localhost did not work either – nrjohnstone Jun 24 '13 at 3:15

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