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I am using Eclipse Liferay IDE for making a hook to a Liferay native portlet. I mean a porlet that comes with default installation, eg. blogs, content management or similar.

I have done the steps like following:

  1. Select new Liferay Project
  2. Enter project name MyHook
  3. Made configurations (found an SDK directory and Liferay Server instance for Runtime)
  4. Selected Plugin type to Hook

My only option after that was Finish and I ended up having a project with certain structure without any class or properties file inside.

My problem is that I could only get an empty project and don't know how to make the modifications to the files of Liferay because no Liferay originated package names can be found if I make a new class file and try to start typing com.Liferay. or org.Liferay. Because this is a Liferay Hook project, I suppose some Liferay originating tips should normally pop up for my selection, but I didn't see any.

What I am making wrong? What I am missing? Should I know the filenames by myself or is there a trick somewhere to tell the IDE to give me some help?

I use Liferay 6.0 and my IDE version is 6.0.5. At least in my eyes they should match together.

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In the IDE you first create a "Liferay Hook Project". This is indeed an empty project. Then you create a Hook, select the Hook project to create it in. You can do the second step manually, but there's a wizard helping you to do this. This might be what you've been missing

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Yes this was the case. The project type on the first try was somehow Java instead of Liferay and creating Hook was disabled on the menus. Creating one with correct type solved the problem I was able to follow the way you told here. –  mico Jul 31 '11 at 20:14

I made the same steps again and it worked! Somehow at first time I managed to do a Java project although the project should be interpreted as a Liferay project.

Maybe the IDE is not 100% working always. Whoever knows.

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My first try had a very long name also. Probably there is a limit on the name lenght. –  mico Jul 29 '11 at 7:40

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