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I am working to implement Rijndael algo for BlackBerry that compatible to .Net native algo. I tried with native AES256 encryption - but that works on BlackBerry it self and not as cross platform (.Net). Basically, if I encrypt a string in BlackBerry - should be decrypted correctly on .Net and vice versa. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Regards Chandrajit

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A correct AES implementation should be able to decrypt a file created with any other correct AES implementation. Are you sure you are using the same key, mode and padding at both ends? –  rossum Jul 29 '11 at 12:23
So what is the problem you are having? If you just need a starting point, there's always wikipedia's article on AES. If you are having some problem implementing it, then please be more specific and ask a question. Currently there is no question here. –  Laepdjek Aug 2 '11 at 3:19

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